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The press conference on June 22nd, 2006 in Ekaterinburg concerning the stay of the right hand of Saint John the Baptist in the city.

The book "Christianity and Islam: the ways of realistic interaction" issued under the supervision of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called has been presented in Moscow.

In commemoration of Baron Stiglitz.

In commemoration of Baron Stiglitz. Photoreport 2.

Representatives of Council of RF Veterans in the Centre of National Glory.


Lyndon LaRouche at 35, Bolshaya Ordynka street.

The leaders of the Center of National Glory of Russia have met today with a distinguished American economist, member of the Democratic Party of the United States Lyndon LaRouche. All participants agreed on the necessity of cooperation in the field of developing the Dialogue of Civilizations.

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Lyndon LaRouche, Jr.
Lyndon LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. is an eminent US economist. Born on September, 8, 1922 in Rochester, NH. His father was a light industry technician and advisor on footwear production in a major corporation on footwear production. Mr. LaRouche graduated from public schools in Rochester and Linn, then from the Boston North-Eastern University, interrupted for military service, and afterwards got fixed up in a job at his fathers corporation. In 1994 he was elected member of the Moscow Universal Ecological Academy. Married twice. His present spouse (since 1977) Helga Zepp LaRouche was born in Germany and now lives in Virginia.

In 1971 Mr. LaRouche founded an international news bureau known as New Solidarity. He is co-founder of several US influential economic associations. He participated in the US delegation at Gorbachev-Regan 1982-1983 negotiations over Strategic Defense Initiative. In 1988 he predicted the inevitable collapse of Soviet economic system. Today he predicts collapse of the world finance system, at least in the form in which it exists today. The potential for escaping the crisis he sees in Eurasia, and, above all in Russia. His estimation of President Putins foreign policy is strongly positive; Mr. LaRouche welcomes Presidents wish cooperate with Asian countries.

He actively criticizes George Bush Jr., calling the American financial system a global nightmare.

He was a Member of Congress from Virginia, where he has been living since 1983. Presently he is taking an active part in Presidential elections.


Speech by V.I. Yakunin

Your Holiness,

Your Beatitude,

Your Excellence, Mr. President,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Colleagues and friends!

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"Interfax": Some 200 religious, political and public leaders attend the opening of the Dialogue of Civilizations forum on the island of Rhodes.

Moscow, 5th October, "Interfax"

The 3rd session of the World Public Forum on Dialogue of Civilizations, initiated by the Centre of Russian National Glory (CRNG) and the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called (AFF), has opened on the Greek island of Rhodes.

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"Rosbalt": The "Dialogue of Civilizations" Forum has opened on the Rhodes Island.

The third session of the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations has opened on the Greek island of Rhodes. The initiative of the Forum belongs to the Center of National Glory (CNG) and Foundation of St Andrew the First-Called (AFF). The correspondent of Rosbalt reports that about two hundred representatives of expert communities from 40 countries of the world took part in the solemn ceremony in the evening of October 5th.

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"Trud": The right to be ones own.

Who are you with, original civilizations Chinese, Arab, Persian, Slavic and many others? With globalizers, who dont have their own faces and are alike? Or with integrators who support the fair world community, where the rights and interests of everyone will be respected?

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"Over the Kulikovo field again"

In some sense, all the great Russian victories gained later over the Poles, Napoleon, Hitler, were a continuation of the victory on the Kulikovo field, which rallied the Russian people together for the first time.

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Musical Olympus Foundation

The Musical Olympus Foundation was set up in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1995. The foundation is engaged in developing and implementing cultural projects on an international scale. The best- known initiatives of the foundation are the International Musical Olympus Festival (held annually since 1996) and the Strauss Remembrance Ball. In 1997 the Musical Olympus Foundation was granted the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

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